A downloadable game for Windows

apple juice gang with milk gang with stupid mc gang -_-


KarlsonMod.rar 38 MB
KarlsonMod but its.zip 49 MB


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i even unstalled it and installed it again it did not work

hmm i see

ill be fixing it

fixed it (i think) btw stop typing again and again just reply to the old comment :P

it just gives error

also the zip file does not work

thanks for making it

dude i really want to play this please make it a zip file

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it is bruh  (isnt rar and zip is same :/)

anyways doing a zip of it

the only fruits i like is apples and grapes

its rlly shitty

ur mom is

i hate hmtl files how to open


bruh hmtl file

yay apple gang i love apples I  T          I S       M Y        F A V     F R U I T       L O L




Im not lying this modded version of karlson is cool

didnt tell you are lying XD

just telling thx bro :D

why did i download this..............



i beat it its amazing but i seriously dont renember downloading it

oh lol



ok epic

how do i activate the mod

its just the gameself

just open karlson.exe or karlsonmod.exe

what's in the mod?

same game with some changed things! like textures materials... wait only thats it

can you make karlson oj

yes sure

Deleted post

no problem if i can do i will dont worry

Deleted post

your welcome

i really like it

so thx

Well congrats it s an optimised karlson version

so thx

what is this? i havent downloaded it

its just a edited texture game

i have edited the karlsons sprite so im sorry im so late

i can't play make an x86 version

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ok i do a x86 version later